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With Just a Few Steps, Wordform AI Can...

Hi, I’m Brandon Hays,

And While I’ve Been Building High Traffic Blogs For YEARS...

It Wasn’t Until I Built My Content Generation Software That I Was Able to Generate Blog Posts Automatically That People Love To Read!

The secret of this new content creation software is the ability to make content that feels and reads like a handwritten article.

In fact, many people actually WANT to read the content that it generates...

Take a look at some examples of the content we’ve been able to make:

Full Instructional Guides in Any Niche…

Full instructional guides with images, tons of details, Q&A areas…

What if I said these articles were generated completely by the software and are customizable to be formatted/written for any niche, business, or trade?


Full Product Reviews about Any Product…

Full product review with descriptions, images, links to the product page, content sections, pros vs. cons, and more.

Easy-to-create high quality articles generated by a machine… 

We Can Generate Custom Generated Articles In Any Niche!

The content, the formatting, the style… everything can be customized and formatted the way that you want.

Normally, you would have to hire a programmer to write a custom-tailored script – Wordform AI makes it possible to create fully customized content easily!


Experience the Limitless Potential of Wordform AI and Elevate Your Blog Posts to New Heights...

Set Your Own AI Prompts For “AI” To Generate Content in Any Topic You Can Think Of!

Wordform AI allows you to change the formatting, AI prompts, add custom variables, and “reprogram” itself to write whatever you want…


Making sites used to be hard, frustrating, and time-consuming…

…Now by leveraging the astonishing power of AI, we can crank out site after site…

…So here’s your chance to snag this for yourself AND use artificial intelligence!

From: The Desk of Brandon Hays...​

Dear friend,

Do you need a website?

If so, what I have to tell you will be the most exciting news you’ve heard all year.

More on that in a bit, but first let’s take a quick second to talk about what it takes to get a site online.

Normally if you want a website you’ve got to come up with the design either by yourself or you’ve got to hire an expensive web designer.

Then you need to come up with the content.

This usually requires many hours of keyword research…

And also requires you to spend dozens of hours in front of your computer pounding out content on your keyboard.

Then don’t get me started on getting traffic!

As you can see, normally, it’s like opening a whole can of worms just to get a site off the ground.

Sure there are tools that make it a little more bearable…

But either way, you look at it, you’re either going to be investing a ton of time or a ton of money or both.

But What If I Told You That There Was An Easier - Quicker - More Efficient Way Of Approaching Site Building and Content Creation?

You’ve probably been hearing about AI recently, right?

If not, AI (artificial intelligence) has been taking the internet by storm.

With AI tools like ChatGPT, it’s now possible to do things that used to take hours in a matter of minutes.

There are also AI tools that can create custom artwork, create videos, and much more.

But how about site building and content creation?

Would it be possible to unleash the power of AI…

And have it create all your content, and set you up to receive traffic, leads, and sales?

You bet!

Now Introducing…

A New, Intelligent AI-Powered Content Poster that Empowers You to Create Compelling and Engaging Content!

logo-full copy

Wordform AI is the culmination of years of SEO experts, web design, and AI research.

It was created with the sole purpose of making your life easier and building as many sites as you could ever need.

It took many hours of trial and error and painstaking research to create something as powerful as Wordform AI.

Not to mention the huge investment in capital to fund the building of this amazing AI tool.

It uses similar technology to ChatGPT, except the main difference is that ChatGPT was engineered as a chatbot and AI assistant while on the flip side WordForm AI is engineered specifically for content creation on blog sites…

Look, it’s just like using a metal pipe to put a nail in place.

Sure it’ll work, but a hammer is a much better choice since it was designed specifically for that job!

So How Do Content Creators Write Blog Posts With Wordform AI?

You only need to follow four simple steps in order to create your first article with WordForm AI…

Step One: Choose a Template

Select from one of our proven content templates for writing all types of content.

Information articles, instruction articles, product reviews, long form content with images, local SEO articles, the list goes on and on!

Step Two: Submit a Form

Fill out a few fields…

Then watch as the software writes a full article providing valuable information, giving step-by-step instructions on a subject, describing a business or product and more.

Step Three: Publish to Your Blog

Click publish and instantly have highly readable content posted immediately to your blog.

Scheduling capabilities such as setting the posting frequency, max number of posts, start/end time and much more.

Boom… The Power of Artificial Intelligence Is Now at Your Fingertips!

Now it’s just wash, rinse, and repeat and you can create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pieces of unique content for your blog.

This is Cool... But What About Traffic?

This content is search engine optimized by WordForm AI and designed to show up in online search engines…

This means you have the power of targeted free traffic at your fingertips!

And yes, Google isn’t against this strategy, despite the content being AI-generated.

In fact, Google recently said that AI-generated content is *NOT* against its Search Guidelines! 

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 1.34.32 PM

In other words, we are entering a new era of online SEO where AI means you never have to write completely from scratch. 

People are using the power of AI to create content faster and easier than ever.

How Long Does It Take To Build an Online Website?

We have created step-by-step training that shows you the process of building an online website with Wordform AI quickly.

Once the first site is setup, it takes even less time because you don’t need to install WordPress and connect your website every time as WordForm AI will save your site information.

Wordform AI makes it possible to go from a fresh WordPress install to a fully fleshed site complete with AI-generated content!

So Just Who Am I, And Why Am I Uniquely Qualified To Help You With Wordform AI?

Well, I’ve been doing online sales for a number of years at the time of this writing.

I’ve been through many ebooks, courses, audiobooks, and seminars, and I’ve basically seen any and everything when it comes to online methods and techniques.

So with that knowledge, I started an email newsletter business called Jumpclicks.

I have many members there, and I provide them with high-quality online entrepreneurship information via email and our private Facebook group.

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 1.46.49 PM

And in order to monetize my business I promote offers (my own and as a partner) to my subscribers.

Classic I.M. right?

Well, it works, so well in fact that I am able to support myself and my family from the income I generate there.

So recently, I had been noticing several of my online buddies making a killing by cashing in on the hype surrounding AI tools.

They were releasing their own tools that did various little things and made our lives as internet entrepreneurs and marketers a lot easier.

So I got to thinking, what is the main sticking point that keeps most marketers from getting traffic?

I landed on content creation.

There are literally entire cottage industries that have sprung up for creating content…

That’s when I decided to make an AI tool that eliminates the struggles of creating awesome content…

Thus Wordform AI was born!

Wordform AI Has Everything You Need To Build Your First AI-Powered Blog!

I could go on and on about Wordform AI…

However, in the interest of time, I’d like to offer you a 7-day free trial so that you can get started with the software today.

Start Your Free Trial...

With this limited time offer, you’ll get to use this software for the next 7 days for free.

This means that you have time to try it out and build your first website and post your first article…

Additional Resources Included in Wordform AI

Resource #1: Five Website Templates

You’re going to get access to five website templates that we’ve used to build high-traffic websites.

Resource #2: Monetization Blueprint

A full step-by-step blueprint for how to monetize online traffic.

Learn over five ways you can  turn traffic from SEO, social media, and other online traffic sources into valuable revenue streams!

Resource #3: The Flipping Guide

This is a full explanation of how to flip websites WITHOUT using sites like Flippa. These are lucrative, unsaturated places where buyers congregate… Best of all, there are absolutely ZERO listing fees or costs associated.

Resource #4: Over-The-Shoulder Training

 This training will show you step-by-step how to use the software so that you can learn how to use the software in just a few minutes.

Resource #5: Live Case Studies

You get expert and student case studies we have within the community.

For a Limited Time...

If You Sign Up For Our Annual Plan, You'll Get a Done-For-You Website With a Design & Content Free!

We will give you the exact business plan for using Wordform AI to get traffic & sales!

This is an extremely LIMITED bonus… as you can imagine we only have a limited number of spots that we allocate per day.

You'll Get Access To Everything We Just Mentioned Above FREE For 7 Days…

All you have to do now is choose the package that is right for you…

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Our Most Popular Plan...

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Get It Free For 7 Days, Then


Start today for free • Limited-time bonuses • 1-step cancellation

Here's the Truth... The Game is CHANGING...

AI has unlocked a new field of possibilities for content creation that never existed before.

We simply won’t be able to go back to the ways things used to be.

While I don’t feel AI will completely replace human entrepreneurs and marketers…

Marketers and entrepreneurs who use AI will definitely replace those who don’t.

The advantages it provides are just too staggering to be overcome by those who want to cling to the old ways.

Luckily for you right now, there are still relatively few people using AI for online business purposes.

However, it won’t stay that way…

So the time is NOW to act and get yourself entrenched as a fully committed AI-powered entrepreneur.

And I’d hate to see you get left behind!

So let’s get started today…

Here’s the link again…

I’m looking forward to seeing you inside the community and showing you just how powerful Wordform AI is.

Thanks so much for reading,

-Brandon Hays

At This Point, There's Not Much To Say...

  • You either want high quality content to rank your sites and generate traffic for you… or you don’t…
  • You either want thousands of dollars worth of marketing strategies for free… or you don’t…
  • You either want to jump on the most powerful content generation tool on the market… or you don’t…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Google allow AI content?

Google has said multiple times that their priority is to rank content that readers LOVE… because Wordform AI creates sophisticated content with one click, YES you can use SEO! 

Can I sell content to people for a profit?

Absolutely, Wordform AI’s automated scheduling features allow you to sell content to other people for a profit… you could offer content packages and use the scheduling features and integration capabilities to post automatically to their website.

How do I use this to get traffic?

Content is the lifeblood of traffic generation. By using Wordform AI, you can drive traffic to your affiliate promos, e-commerce products, Adsense websites, local sites, and more by posting content, ranking that content on Google, and sharing it on social media!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time by simply sending an email to [email protected]

What is the pricing after the free trial?

There is a $197/month option (monthly) and a $997/year option (yearly)

How much content can I generate?

You get write 50,000 words per month, which is equivalent of 2000 pages in a book and would take you 13 days straight to read!

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